A Pilates Practice was created to help you find a practice that inspires and supports you. Our aim is to help you craft a practice that you love, that you keep coming back to and building on. Our community goes beyond the four walls of a studio. We’ve redefined what it means to show up for yourself, and show up for each other, and we’re excited to share it with you.

About Dani Rosenthal
Founder of A Pilates Practice

I have a passion for all movement, pilates and wellness. I absolutely love teaching and am proudly certified through Polestar Pilates rehabilitation studio equipment and mat. Engaging with clients and connecting with their true strength is one of my favourite aspects of being an instructor, it warms my heart so much. I love seeing a change that takes place in my client’s bodies and mindset. 

I first found my love for pilates after hip surgery in 2014  (due to a torn labrum) from playing waterpolo and wear and tear of my body. After playing for over 15 years at national level  and in the US during college, it took a huge toll on my body. After surgery, I still struggled with hip pain and started reading about the incredible benefits of pilates in restoring pain-free movement. After 2 weeks of 3 x a week mat pilates, I felt a positive change in my body with less pain and could honestly say how much of a difference I felt. It was the perfect rehabilitation for my recovery and now movement that my body craves daily.

I believe it is all about allowing your body the chance to move and change, which will develop a deeper level of self awareness, creating a more positive you. I embrace the rigour and rich traditions of pilates and the personal transformation and empowerment that regular pilates practice can offer. This leads to transformations physically, mentally and emotionally. This change happens through your movement and movement heals. 

Remember, I’ll be with you every step of the way.